What’s the deal with this site?

Hey everyone – some of you may be wondering why I built this site. Well there’s a pretty specific answer to that question.

I built this site because it’s one step closer to building my Karate Academy.

I don’t have the money to build my school just yet so while I save up for that I thought I could start getting excitement and interest in the sport of Karate while we all wait. Tuscaloosa is lacking in good martial arts schools and I want to share my extensive karate background with the fine folks in AL.

So I’m building a school… but until I can do that I’m going to share what I can on this site. This will be the site for all things Karate in Alabama.

This way you can see “What’s Kicking’ in AL”!

European Karate Championships – We need this in Alabama!

I had the opportunity to go to a Karate Championship when I was a kid. That’s what got me hooked! I loved watching the sport and the competition. Here is great video I found which covers the European Karate Championships in 2015. I got to watch this event live as well.

I hope to someday bring a championship series like this to the US someday!